Human talent


One of the most relevant conditions that the Bogota Region has is its supply of specialized human talent. The workforce of the capital is 6.3 million people, a number similar to the combined workforce of Santiago de Chile and Quito. Of these, 2.5 million people are young people between 15 and 28 years of age; and of these, more than 190,000 graduate from higher education institutions every year, which shows a qualified workforce with the abilities and strength that are required today.

Workforce of the main cities of Latin America in 2020


Source: DANE, INDEC, INE, INEGI, Ecuador in figures, National Statistics and Census Institute of Panama, IGBE, Statista.
*Also called Economically Active Population (EAP). This is the group comprising people in the working-age who are either working or looking for a job. Source: DANE.
**Information for 2019.

According to 2019 figures for the main cities of Latin America, Bogota Region is positioned as the second capital with more students that graduate from higher education institutions, just surpassed by the State of São Paulo.

Additionally, the region has 35% of the people who have an associate degree in the country, 44% of postgraduates holding doctorate degrees, 37% of all research teams, 2 of the 10 best universities of Latin America according to the QS 2022 ranking, and a total of 133 higher education institutions.

Total number of students graduated from a higher education institution in 2019*


Source: National Education Council of Chile, Ministry of Education of Colombia, INDEC, INEI Peru, National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions of México, SEMESP, DANE, INEI, INEGI, INE, Statistics for the City of Buenos Aires, IBGE.
Prepared by the research and market intelligence team of Invest in Bogota.
*Including technical and technological education, license, and undergraduate studies.
**Results for 2018.

On the other hand, the Ranking Global Cities of the Future 2020/2021, published by the Financial Times, points out Bogota as one of the Human Capital and Lifestyle Top 10 cities. In this category, which Melbourne, Sydney, and Singapore lead, Bogota excels above cities such as Toronto, Madrid, and Mexico DF.