Investment opportunities


Investment sectors in dynamic startups of Bogotá Region

According to information reviewed in the Crunchbase platform, there are more than 70 dynamic startups in Bogota Region which have raised capital for USD 1 million or more. This is a significant indication of the dynamics of our ecosystem, which has been gaining momentum over the last 3 years and goes on to increase its capacity in the Latin American platform. Below, we list the most important sectors where the activities of these startups are being carried out:

FinTech: financial industry that applies new technologies to financial and investment services. ​

HealthTech: technology products and services used for healthcare, to make diagnostics, monitor, or treat diseases. 

AgroTech: application of new technologies in farming in all its stages, from cultures through production, marketing, and sales.

LegalTech: using technology in legal services to create software or online services that reduce or eliminate the need for people and businesses to resort to legal firms, to accelerate the paperwork and task management for lawyers themselves, and to streamline and modify the way of establishing contact between legal sector professionals and potential clients.

Software as a service (SaaS): software provision model where the provider develops and maintains an application software in the cloud, provides automatic updates, and makes the software accessible to clients through Internet charging a fee for the right to use it.

Marketplace: e-commerce website where information on products and services is provided by multiple third parties. Online markets are the main multichannel e-commerce type, and they can be a way of rationalizing production processes.

EdTech: area devoted to the development and application of software, hardware, and several processes to promote education. This technology seeks to improve student performance by the creation, use, and management of technological processes.

HRTech: technology solutions to optimize processes in human resources areas.

CleanTech: any process, product, or service that reduces any negative impacts on the environment through significant improvements in power efficiency, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.

PropTech: technology innovations and applications for the real estate sector.

Delivery: logistics function that seeks to place goods, services, funds, or information directly at the place where it is consumed or used.