Investment capital environment


The conditions for any venture capital investment must be based on a country environment that offers not only significant returns but also a secure regulatory framework, which provides significant guarantees that entail the security and confidence that any incoming cash flows will undergo their investment processes in a transparent manner that respects the related corporate vision and expectations.

According to the scorecard made by the Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America (LAVCA) for 2018 –which measures 13 aspects relating to the legal environment and guarantees for ventures, where the total maximum possible score is 100–, Colombia achieved a result of 64 points. This positions the country above the positions of Argentina and Peru, and below in respect of Mexico (67) by just 3 points, by 5 in respect of Brazil (69), and by 7 in respect of Chile (71).

On its side, the World Bank, in its draft 2020 Doing Business Report, positions Colombia as the best country in point of investor protection, and the third one with the better environment for doing business in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Besides, Colombia is the third most competitive country in the region, according to the results shown by the competitiveness index of the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) for 2021. This is so thanks to aspects such as its solid institutions, its business dynamics and its infrastructure.

Likewise, the environment for the raising of investment capital in Colombia shows that the ratio of capital venture investments to GDP is of 2.9%. This is a contribution ratio that exceeds the ratio of countries such as Argentina or Brazil.

Locally, Bogota has earned a series of international recognitions or awards that make of it the ideal place for the development of your business ventures. Among these, Bogota stands out for being the second American city ‘of the future’ and the eighth American city with the best investment attraction strategy according to the 2021/2022 fDi Intelligence report.