Strength of the entrepreneurship ecosystem

The entrepreneurship ecosystem of Bogota has an intricate network of agents and players that make it a dynamic platform in Latin America. It is composed by:

  • 5 multilateral and development banks.
  • + 130 investment funds.
  • 7 incubators.
  • 8 accelerators.
  • 7 Angel investor networks.
  • + 44 entrepreneurship events.
  • + 50 communities and meetups.
  • 22 colleges/universities with entrepreneurship centers.
Source: Start Up Blink, webpages of the above institutions. Mapping made by Invest in Bogota.

Another important feature of the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the city is the growing and strong institutions that it has. This aspect supports, backs, and gives more credibility to the processes that are underway in the region.
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Entrepreneurship ecosystem.