Information for investors

Knowing about and understanding entrepreneurship equity flows and the incentives given to make investments locally, among other relevant indicators that reflect market dynamics, are some of the main elements that serve to recognize investment possibilities to make informed decisions that may have an impact in the Bogota Region ecosystem.

You will find in this section all the necessary tools to visualize the opportunities that Bogota Region has to offer.

Value proposal for investment funds

The startup/entrepreneurship ecosystem of Bogotá Region has become stronger over the last 5 years thanks to startups that are dynamic and scalable and have the potential to become international businesses, and which have influenced directly exponential increases in the raising of capital. This is why the tax laws and regulations and other relevant regulations that pertain to development of equity funds are becoming more formal and optimal to create more and better opportunities for entrepreneurs.

You will find here all the information that relates to investment funds in the startup/entrepreneurship ecosystem of Bogotá Region.

How to invest in dynamic Colombian ventures

You will find here a complete manual with detailed information about specific matters that all investors must keep in mind when investing in Colombian dynamic startups or when establishing their operations in the national territory.

Other products for investors

Find the programs that are in force in the ecosystem for each stage of the venture