Governmental and private development entities of Bogota

District Secretariat of Economic Development


The District Secretariat of Economic Development generates the conditions and the necessary tools for the creation and reinforcement of companies and enterprises. It also works for the creation of new jobs and new sources of income for citizens.

It works through strategic alliances with several agencies to strengthen the benefits offered to the citizenry; also, it leads the formulation of development policies for commercial, business, and tourism activities.

Besides, it is committed to the economic reactivation of Bogota by managing resources, generating initiatives, and giving support to citizens and business owners with easy-to-access and results in the short and medium terms.

Type of entity: District entity, subordinated to the Office of the Mayor of Bogota.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It has a high-impact services and products portfolio made to support citizens in their entrepreneurship processes. It also provides guidelines and implements programs that seek to develop, strengthen and promote the entrepreneurship ecosystem of the city (the District); by guaranteeing accessibility, equity, and transparency in all processes and procedures.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

It has four strategic lines available for entrepreneurs:

  • Acceleration and sophistication of businesses with high impact potential.
  • Consolidation of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.
  • Strengthening of the business fabric and productive chains.
  • Promotion of a mentality and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. It does so by implementing programs that seek to empower entrepreneurship, strengthen the skills and abilities of entrepreneurs, and connect them with new opportunities to expand their businesses.


Carlos Sanchez, Subdirector of Entrepreneurship and Business.

Chamber of Commerce of Bogota (CCB)


This entity provides information, learning capsules, workshops, forums, presentations, seminars, and general and specialized advisory services.

It provides services designed to give support through all the stages of company creation; it helps to identify strengths and improvement opportunities, and it provides the tools for one to be a good entrepreneur.

Type of entity: Private entity that manages the mercantile registration of companies and enterprises, providing formality to the economic activities of Bogota Region.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It develops initiatives that seek to support the creation of new businesses and help them to come through and grow despite difficulties. The above is possible by giving support to entrepreneurs that are willing to contribute their talent for the fulfillment of needs and to take advantage of market opportunities.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

Through the Office of the Dir. of Entrepreneurship, it provides a series of services comprising the steps that go from the process of conceiving a business through the raising of risk capital for the growth and expansion of startups.


Martha Madrid Malo De Andreis. Dir. of Entrepreneurship – Office of the Vice President of Corporate Strengthening.

You can also communicate with their client hotline at 383-0330 / #383.

iNNpulsa Colombia


It is the entrepreneurship and innovation agency of the national government. It gives support for the acceleration of high potential startups and to innovative and financing processes that enable companies to generate economic development, equity, and opportunities for all Colombians.

Type of entity: National government entity, subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism of Colombia.

Why should I resort to this entity?

Its diversified tools and programs portfolio are designed to provide support so that entrepreneurs can accelerate their startups and escalate their businesses. 

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

It articulates the entrepreneurship ecosystem to provide a portfolio with many growth and development alternatives for entrepreneurs.


America Castiblanco, Vice president of Acceleration and Entrepreneurship.



An initiative of the national government that facilitates the connection between the academic sector, private enterprises, the state, and society, to strengthen and drive the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the country.

Type of entity: National government entity that depends upon iNNpulsa and is subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It is the largest entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in the country. It will be consolidated through the construction of cooperation networks between the players and entrepreneurship driving forces of regions. It does all of this through a physical and online campus. 

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

The main services it provides are these:

  • Co-working.
  • High impact activities with allies.
  • Incubation and acceleration programs.
  • Financing.
  • Access to specialized laboratories.


Norma Moreno, CEmprende Initiative Coordinator.

Connect Bogotá


Not-for-profit organization. Its purpose is to connect companies and enterprises, colleges and universities, entrepreneurs, and the state to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. It has been consolidated as the largest innovation network of the country, with the membership of close to 60 entities, including colleges and universities, private companies, and organizations, all of which are committed to lead collectively and articulately the transformation of Bogota Region.

Over the last eight years, it has accelerated close to 100 scientific and technology startups with the so-called Springboard methodology. It brought this methodology from Connect San Diego, and it has a network of high-level sponsors that give support.

It has also given support to more than 1000 entrepreneurs in several processes. Its big bet is to connect big companies with entrepreneurs through the 100 Open Startups platform – a true novelty. As of this date, it has connected more than 2,000 Colombian entrepreneurs with more than 200 companies and has generated more than 50 collaboration contracts.

Type of entity: Not-for-profit corporation.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It gives support for the acceleration of businesses and provides high-value connections enabling scientific or technology entrepreneurs with market-validated products to expand their market by creating relationships with big companies and investors.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

It provides comprehensive support to entrepreneurs under a specific support methodology that adapts to the needs of each startup and draws leverage from collective knowledge (a network of more than 180 very high-level sponsors) to provide advice and connections. 


Tatiana León, Dir. of Entrepreneurship.



An ally for private and public sectors to promote value chains for creative and cultural sectors of Colombia.

Type of entity: Mixed economy, not-for-profit corporation.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It is the agency designed by the Ministry of Culture to make the call or invitation that is required to implement the tax incentive established in Article 180 of the National Development Plan.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

The call or invitation that this agency makes is an opportunity for any natural and legal persons, whether public or private, to contribute to the cultural and creative development of the country in exchange for an income tax deduction. It is also an opportunity for the cultural and creative sector agents to put forth their projects for consideration and raise contributions to carry them out.


Valentina Wieser, Sub Director of Strategic Relationships.



Its main lines of work are the promotion of exports of goods other than energy sector goods and exports of services, the growth of Colombian companies, attracting foreign direct investment to Colombia, and positioning the country as a tourist destination. All these activities are carried out with and for the startups of the whole country.

Type of entity: Public entity, subordinated to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It is one of the agencies with more connections on the international front. It facilitates contact and networking processes with other startup agents, exports, the raising of risk capital for investment in startups, and business positioning.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

It provides services such as the following:

  • Support in internationalization processes.
  • Support in capital raising processes.
  • Support in business management.
  • Trademark positioning.
  • Networking.


Beatriz Angel, Direct Foreign Investment Senior Advisor.

Fondo Emprender SENA


Its purpose is to turn the business ideas of Colombians into sustainable and consolidated enterprises. This agency provides seed capital and advice at no cost to enable entrepreneurs to accomplish their goals.

Type of entity: National government entity subordinated to the Ministry of Labor of Colombia.

Why should I resort to this entity?

It facilitates access to seed capital to carry out productive projects that contribute to economic growth in the country.

Which is its best strength when supporting an entrepreneur?

It focuses on three stages:

  • Formulation of a business plan.
  • Evaluation and allocation of funds.
  • Execution and placing in the operation of the enterprise.


Maria Alexandra García Restrepo, Leader of the Center for Corporate Development of Bogota.