Associations and foundations


ANDI del Futuro


Entrepreneur’s network of ANDI (the Colombian Association of Industrial Companies) which brings together sustainable, diverse, dynamic, and innovative companies and enterprises that generate value for society. Since its creation, it has worked to consolidate successful ideas which have turned into high-impact and innovative companies with a high distinguishing value.


Laura López, Coordinator.

Asociación de Emprendedores de Colombia – ASEC


Private business association that seeks to generate solutions to problems and issues related to entrepreneurship. It does so by working hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs and influential players and agents.


Sergio Zuluaga, Executive Director for Colombia. /

Cámara Colombiana de Emprendimiento e Innovación


Corporation that promotes the development of high-impact startups from their earliest stages.


Óscar Moyano, Executive Director.

Asociación Colombiana de Fondos de Capital Privado – ColCapital


It seeks to foster, develop and promote in a comprehensive manner the private equity funds industry of Colombia, working as a collective and economic growth driving motor, under the highest management standards. It has 132 members; of these, 57 are professional managers and 75 are industry services providers.


Paula Delgadillo Sanz de Santamaría, Executive Director.


Fundación para el Fomento de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones – FundaTIC


This foundation seeks to promote the use of information and telecommunications technologies (TIC, for the Spanish initials), as a tool for the growth of territories, communities, individuals, territorial agencies, decentralized agencies, micro, small, and medium-sized companies, big companies, and startups. It does so by promoting and inspiring the improvement of the quality of life, thus strengthening the local startup and corporate scenario, and the development of programming, web, mobile applications, graphic design, and similar sectors.

+57 3103810086


Cámara Colombiana de Comercio Electrónico


Not-for-profit private entity, and a business association. It seeks to promote and strengthen the e-commerce industry in Colombia by understanding and centralizing the whole figures that determine the behavior of e-commerce in the country and its influence on public policy, disseminating knowledge, and creating trust in the sector.


Laura Martínez, Commercial Department.

Federación Colombiana de la Industria de Software y Tecnologías Informáticas Relacionadas – Fedesoft


Business association with 30 years of trajectory that works to strengthen the national software industry so that it becomes competitive and successful internationally. To accomplish this, it brings together Colombian software companies and enterprises, defending and promoting their interests before the government, the international competitors, and other stakeholders. Besides, it works in the development of policy, drives and strengths training and competitiveness of all sector firms, generates specialized information, and explores global opportunities that position Colombia as a world-class technology provider.


Liz Hernández, Communications Director.

Colombia PropTech


Association which seeks mainly to develop and strengthen the prop-tech ecosystem of the country. It does so by promoting cooperation and economic growth through technology, the promotion of education in prop-tech technologies, and by driving favorable policies and regulations by participating in discussions that pertain to this sector.


Juan Guillermo Jiménez, Commercial Director.
+57 314 313 3621
+57 310 698 2553

Colombia FinTech


Association that groups more than 250 companies of the financial innovation ecosystem of the country. Its purpose is to invigorate the digital financial services ecosystem through positioning, knowledge, and relational capital strategies that address three big fronts: investment, talent, and digital financial inclusion.


Melissa Rojas, Head of Communications and Digital Strategy.

Alianza In


This is the first business association in Latin America that drives innovation, technology, and digital economy. Its working pillars are impact, education, and driving the regulatory framework and innovation.


Laura Herrera, Communications Director.

Asostartups Colombia


The largest startups Association in Latin America. It brings together the whole players of the private, public and social sectors so that entrepreneurship and technology become regional priorities.

+57 300 2096521

Geek Girls Latam


Social company that impacts the lives of girls and women in Latin America through women’s inclusion and equity in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (the STEAM areas), to drive leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Joanna Prieto, Cofounder.



Not-for-profit entrepreneurs entity that seeks to build an organization that represents them nationally and internationally and that sees to the business association welfare and interests as a function of social development.


Camilo Suárez Vanegas, President.
+57 3004052621

Fundación Blockchain Colombia


Community of entrepreneurs, academic agents, developers, and enthusiasts which promote actions to strengthen the adoption of blockchain technology in Colombia. This community originates in an alliance between the Panda Group, Buda Colombia, BitCoin Colombia,, IntiColombia, and RSK.


Arley Lozano, CEO, Panda Group.